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Whats up guys, I came up with an idea that will let you order customized gloves. We've all heard of Nikeid and Miadidas, well this will be the same idea but with Gometta gloves. Still looking for a cool name so if you think of one let me know.

Here is how this idea will work. I will be offering the opportunity to make custom designed gloves. Right now we are only working with the G-Instincts Pro but we hope to add our other models soon.

  • Once you have a design idea ready and are committed to it, you will let me know so i can send you an invoice. After you pay the initial $35 to commit to you purchase, i will put your design on this section of the website up for a week so that other people can see it. If they like it, they will be able to "commit to buy" also.
  • How does this help you ask? Well due to production costs, single gloves will cost more than a larger order of the same design.

ex. You want to make your customized glove but only need one pair. You will pay $75 for that one pair, but if other people like your design they will be able to add to your order and that will make the gloves less expensive for everyone who orders them.

Price List
  • 1-2 pairs - $75 each
  • 3-5 pairs - $65 each
  • 6-9 pairs - $50 (normal price)
  • 10+ pairs - design creator will only have to pay initial $35, remaining balance will be waived. 

Production time will be around 3-4 weeks which is why I will only ask for the $35 initial payment to "commit to buy", once the gloves are ready to ship i would send you the invoice of the remaining balance for your order.

If you have any questions please ask, i will be more than happy to try and help you understand the process.

Thank you and lets start creating!!!

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