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BeGometta G-Alpha Jackson

BeGometta G-Alpha Jackson

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**Picture is just a mockup, final product may look a little different**

Order will be placed on July 13th, so place your order before then.

What is BeGometta? 

This glove has was designed by a young keeper, Gage Jackson. He wanted gloves that could match his club colors. They decided on this color-way and now we are in the Ordering Stage. Just like any other confirmed BeGometta design, we are putting it up for a week on the website to see if anyone else would like to place an order. By placing an order, you are helping the other customers who ordered them to get it at a better price. If more than 10 gloves are ordered during this week, the creator of the design would only end up paying the initial $35 plus shipping. So help them out by ordering a pair so they can get their design at a great price! 

Price List

These are the prices each customer that orders a pair will end up paying once the gloves are complete. For example, if only 3 gloves are ordered, everyone would end up paying $75 plus shipping. $35 to commit to the buy, and then the remaining $40 and shipping once the gloves were complete and ready to ship. 

  • 1-2 pairs - $20 added on to regular price, $85 plus shipping
  • 3-5 pairs - $10 added on to regular price, $75 plus shipping
  • 6-9 pairs - Regular Price, $65 plus shipping
  • 10+ pairs - design creator will only have to pay initial $35, remaining balance will be waived. Everyone else will pay $65 plus shipping. 


**Production time will be around 3-4 weeks which is why we will only ask for the $35 initial payment to "commit to buy", once the gloves are ready to ship, we would send you the invoice of the remaining balance for your order. Once you pay the remaining balance, we would ship the gloves to you. 



  • Breathoprene body providing maximum comfort and life for the backhand
  • Tri-Colored Injected rubber design on backhand help the glove stand out
  • Contact latex in a negative cut meant for a closer hand to ball feel
  • Internal Silicone to help keep the hands in place 
  • Wrapped thumb provides more latex that can help keep hold of those hard shots
  • Easy wrist entrance  
  • Latex strap to help get a secure fit around the wrist
  • Large personalization area on straps 
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