Special Edition G-Fit Premier Mascara Sagrada
Special Edition G-Fit Premier Mascara Sagrada
Special Edition G-Fit Premier Mascara Sagrada
Special Edition G-Fit Premier Mascara Sagrada

Special Edition G-Fit Premier Mascara Sagrada

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We created this design as a way to show our appreciation to one of our favorite wrestlers from our childhood. Mascara Sagrada is a Mexican wrestler who started back in the early 80s. As a kid, I remember watching his "luchas" on television and being amazed at his daring jumps off the top rope. His mask is iconic, so when we decided we wanted to create a design based off of him, we knew we had to include his mask design. The collaboration makes sense to us because both wrestlers and goalkeepers put their bodies on the line, and both love to fly. 

We reached out to Mr. Sagrada to ask for his permission in using his image. He graciously accepted, which allowed us to start production. 

We are very excited about the products we created and hope you guys enjoy them too!

We didn't want Mr. Sagrada to feel like we wanted to take advantage of his image so we made a very limited amount of the premier versions in sizes 9 and 10. Make sure you get yours quickly before they are gone.

***Each pair will come with a free Keychain!!***



  • Embossed Super Soft Latex Backhand for lightweight and flexibility
  • Iconic Mascara Sagrada Mask Image printed onto backhand 
  • 4mm Red Contact Latex Palm
  • Hybrid cut.
  • Neoprene body for a lightweight and flexible feeling
  • Easy wrist entrance 
  • Removable Finger Protection
  • Double-Elastic Strap for a great fit on the wrist
  • Full Latex Wrist strap with personalization window

Customer Reviews

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Juan Carlos Mancilla
Nice Design ❗️❗️❗️

I like the design of the gloves the latex have a really good grip too bad the biggest size is 10


Speaking for gloves around the $60 price range. These are the stickies I've gotten; I recently bought $180 gloves and I'd say these are comparable in the sticky aspect. The backhand material isn't the most impressive to be honest but the latex on the front is what's most important and you won't be disappointed. Definitely recommend these if you're shopping on a budget; BEST bang for you BUCK!

Coach Garcia (DBU)
Premier Mascara Sagrada

Very great high quality glove and great feel to the hands. I highly recommend this beautiful design.