About Us

Gometta's beginnings:
Gometta was started by Juan Gamboa in 2012, initially to display his glove design ideas; even the far-fetched ones. Some of Gamboa's designs make it actual production, and most just stay on paper. Some of his designs have been used by other glove companies you might recognize. "It is an awesome feeling to see your design being worn by other keeper, " Gamboa says. Supporting other keepers in their "goals" of a clean sheet is the Gometta way. 
First models produced: G-Fit and G-1 
A little bit about the owner/ designer:
Juan Gamboa is currently an active professional arena soccer player for the Dallas Sidekicks with over 100 games played in his career. He also teaches and coaches at a high school here in Texas. He tries his best to balance his busy life during the season. He juggles his high school teams, Dallas Sidekicks, and his family which just increased by two (twins) August 2019. Gamboa's passion drives his endeavors. Luckily, those endeavors are now in the palms of your hands.