Glove Information


  • Use the following chart to get a better understanding of our sizing.
  • Different cuts may fit differently.
  • Your fingers should not touch the end of the gloves. You should have a little room in the finger tips.
  • If the glove has finger protection, and they are taken out, the glove may feel up to a half size larger.
  • Negative cut gloves usually fit more snug, so we recommend going up a size if you prefer a little room in your gloves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


     We try to create a glove for every type of goalkeeper. If you notice, each series (G-Fly, G-Force, G-Ultra, etc..) tends to stick to the same cut. We have goalkeepers identify themselves better with a certain series and the worst thing we could do would be to switch it up every time we produce a new colorway. So the following are the cuts we use: 

     Negative cut- Is stitched inside out which makes the glove fit more snug. This cut is a favorite among our goalies. 

     Flat cut- Is the most classic cut in goalkeeper gloves. Provides a wider catching area and a looser fit on the hand.  

    Gecko cut- The gecko cut is a newer cut that gives the feel of a roll cut but with with gussets. The palm is also one piece and there is no need for stitching the two middle fingers separately like on the traditional roll cuts. 

    Hybrid cut- This cut is a combination of 2 classic cuts, the roll cut on the index and pinky finger, and the negative cut in the 2 middle fingers.  
    Roll cut- Another classic cut that has the latex on the fingers wrapped all the way around to the backhand. Provides a catching surface with latex all the way around the fingers.

    Types of latex we use

    • Supersoft latex- This is the latex we use on our club gloves. It offers adequate grip. Performs well without dampening and tends to be pretty durable. 
    • Giga grip latex- A pro level latex that offers excellent grip and softness. You get a good amount of tackiness, it offers good cushioning when dealing with shots, and it performs well in all weather conditions. 
    • Contact latex- This is the best latex we can get our hands on as a smaller company. It is very popular because of its super tacky surface. Comes with a plastic protective film to keep it from getting damaged before you're ready to use it. Performs well in any weather conditions and the grip lasts all the way through the latex. 

    Tips for taking care of your gloves